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TM1 is an in-memory MOLAP system used to implement collaborative planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions, as well as analytical and reporting applications. Data in TM1 is stored and represented as multidimensional cubes, with data being stored at the leaf level. Computations are performed on demand in real-time (e.g. to consolidate numbers up a dimensional hierarchy, and to evaluate cross-dimensional and inter-cube TM1 Rules).



TM1 Server hosts the TM1 data and metadata, and runs the TurboIntegrator processes.

TurboIntegrator is the TM1 data orchestration (ETL) environment for accessing external data and systems, as well as capabilities designed for common business planning and budgeting requirements (e.g. workflow, top-down adjustments).

TM1 Client features a Microsoft Excel interface ideally suited to providing knowledge workers direct access to TM1 data in a flexible, powerful, and familiar environment. The Server Explorer interface can also be operated independently from Excel.

TM1 Perspectives serves two functions: as a super-client it is used to administer a TM1 Server; and as a local server it can run a stand-alone database independent of the TM1 Server.

TM1 Web enables business users to develop and publish web-based applications, using Microsoft Excel (TM) as an authoring medium and (usually) Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to serve the web content. Cognos (formerly Applix) TM1 Web is developed in ASP.NET, and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). While TM1 Web is claimed to also be compatible with Mozilla Firefox, in practice the output is frequently distorted; for example, websheet gridlines that are correctly hidden when the websheet is viewed in IE, are visible when the same page is viewed in Firefox. Graphics that display smoothly in IE will also frequently display raggedly in Firefox.

Executive Viewer is an end-user reporting tool designed for ad-hoc analysis and visualization. It can be deployed in both thick-client and thin-client modes, and offers capabilities such as pivoting, drilling, charting and conditional formatting.


TM1 (which is understood to have originally stood for "Table Manager 1", though a formal source of that belief cannot be found at this time) was originally developed by Manny Perez while he was working at Exxon Mobil in the mid 80s. The product was originally marketed as TM/1 by Sinper Corporation, which was founded by Perez and Jose Sinai. In October of 1996 it was bought[1] by Applix which retained Manny as the Chief Information Officer. For a brief time in the early 2000's, the product was re-branded as iTM1 until someone finally realised that the "i" prefix was as meaningless as the "e-" prefix that marketers around the world had become fixated on before the .com boom imploded. The name subsequently reverted, without much ceremony, to simply TM1. In 2007 Applix was bought by Cognos. Shortly thereafter Cognos was itself acquired by IBM.

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Open letters to Cognos requesting enhancments to the TM1 application.

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Some more detailed history and human interest at the now-dated Vector Space website.[2]

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